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Fiskin is truly an impressive luxury product where fish leather is in the centre of the concept. At Fiskin we believe that fish leather has a big potential to become one of the most sustainable clothing materials of the future.

Yuliia Fish, creator




The idea to make accessories from fish leather came to Yuliia when she was on her marine biology training in Iceland. Having studied and worked in science for 10 years, she never thought that she would start working in leather and fashion. But in fish leather, she found a material that was not only environmentally friendly, but also visually appealing and with a fascinating texture. Initially, she tried to find experts who could make products for her but, despite numerous enquiries, Yuliia could not find a manufacturer. Fish leather is much harder to work with than more traditional leathers, as it is a very unique material that requires different techniques. So, Yuliia decided to make it herself. After thousands of hours of practising and mastering fish leather products, Fiskin has found a place in the hearts of our clients and continues to grow in popularity. You can continue to follow our amazing story on our social media. We will be so happy to see you there ♡